Satel Law specializes in drafting legally binding contracts for every aspect of your business. Contracts are a necessary part of doing business and provide protection for both your clients and the business itself. Your contracts outline expectations of both parties, protect both parties if those expectations aren’t met, and lock in the price that will be paid for services and products.

The purpose of contracts is to avoid misunderstandings and undue liability. Contracts 

  1. Serve as a record of commitments for both parties
  2. Prevent conflicts and mitigate risk
  3. Help an organization maintain compliance
  4. Serve as a collaboration and communication tool
  5. Generate revenue
  6. Increase operational efficiency
  7. Extend a company’s brand and values

Ten essential contracts for small and growing businesses include:

  • Sales contracts (with price, terms, conditions for the sale of goods, equipment, or other products)
  • Service contracts (for professional services)
  • Employment offer letters
  • Confidentiality and invention assignment agreements
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Web site terms of use agreement
  • Letters of intent
  • Stock purchase agreements
  • Leases
  • Loan agreements (with banks or financial institutions)

Satel Law is uniquely equipped to prepare you for every aspect of your business with customized contracts for your employees, your vendors, and your clients.

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