Internal Policies

Satel Law recognizes the importance of establishing clear internal policies and procedures for your business.

Governance is critical to motivating your employees, answering questions, establishing your business’ culture, and defining the future of your organization. This is not a comprehensive list, however some of the most important business policies you may need include are:

  • Customer quality policy
  • Credit policy
  • Ethics & conduct policy
  • Employment policies
  • Nondiscrimination policies
  • Compensation & benefits policies
  • Internal, email, & cybersecurity policy
  • Misconduct policy
  • Purchasing policy
  • Workplace safety policy
  • Substance abuse policy

The goal of establishing these policies is to establish boundaries, guidelines, and best practices for acceptable behavior in your business. They also establish a uniformity in employee rights and responsibilities, providing protection for your business if problems or conflicts arise in the workplace. Some of these policies may be required by government regulatory agencies, so it is critical to understand exactly what needs to be specified in order to meet those requirements and ensure compliance.

Satel Law knows how to establish consistent policies to create the best framework for your business practices and provide clear guidelines for your employees to follow.

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