Satel Law is skilled in preparing documents for real estate transactions, including lease negotiation and review. Every term in a lease should be open for negotiation. By utilizing our experienced team, you will obtain the most favorable terms available in your situation and avoid pitfalls that can be found in one-sided and/or standardized contracts.

Some of the issues to be considered when reviewing a lease are

  • Landlord-favored terms
  • Accuracy in the contract (dates, costs, terms, etc.)
  • Common area maintenance fees
  • Parking
  • Responsibility for repairs or improvements
  • Personal guarantees
  • Exclusivity (avoid direct competitors in the same area)
  • Professionalism (garners a level of respect and consideration you may not receive otherwise)
  • Proper Execution by all parties

The very act of hiring a lawyer shows your landlord that you are serious and can’t be easily taken advantage of or deceived. Commercial leases are typically three to five years in length. If your lease is skewed to your landlord’s advantage with arbitrary management fees or unreasonable eviction clauses, that is a long time to wait before attempting to making a change. It is always best to avoid problems than to try to deal with them after they have occurred. We strive to create leases which cover multiple contingencies which may arise during the term of your lease, so if those situations do arise in the future, you have clear guidance in the lease about how they should be addressed and handled, to avoid confusion and potentially costly litigation over an unspecified event.

At Satel Law, we understand the intricacies of both commercial and residential leases, and how to ensure your rights and needs are protected before you enter into an extended agreement with a landlord or tenant.

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