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Satel Law is skilled at preparing and negotiating real estate contracts, which can include purchase/sale agreements, lease agreements, financing and lending contracts, and other types of agreements. The goal of contract preparation is to avoid future litigation by providing guidelines in the contract to preventing issues and conflicts that might arise in the future. 

A contract that is well-drafted and crafted through careful negotiation forms the basis for your real estate transaction. Even if you are signing a contract provided by another party, having your attorney advocate review the contract to ensures that you are protected and aware of any liability exposure that may come as a result of the contract’s wording.

Negotiations are a critical part of the process. Even if you are presented with a “standard” contract form, the terms of a real estate agreement can always be negotiated. An experienced real estate attorney understands the language used in contracts and knows the best way to protect your interest. 

The attorney can lead the negotiation process, working with the other parties to reach a mutually beneficial arrangement that includes contingencies to protect your interests. A skilled real estate attorney will also be able to identify what terms should be negotiated and explain how each provision may impact your rights in the transaction.

At Satel Law, we are prepared to guide you through every step of contract preparation, whether by drafting your contract, reviewing one that has been provided for you, or negotiating the terms of your agreement.

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