Title & Lien Searches

Acting as your closing agent, Satel Law completes title and lien searches as part of our closing process. A title search is one of the ways buyers protect themselves from others claiming a right to their property. The owner’s title insurance policy ensures that any recorded liens and errors in the public record are addressed; however, a municipal lien search exposes other debt issues that are attached to the property.

A title search will establish legal ownership of the property (current title holder for the property) and any outstanding claims or recorded liens on the property (voluntary liens). However, there can also be unrecorded liens on the property (municipal or involuntary liens), that are placed on the property for unpaid financial obligations, including:

  • Outstanding charges from the city for nuisance abatement services like overgrown weeds, pest control or boarding up of an abandoned property
  • Code violations like debris, overgrown lawns, and structural issues
  • Outstanding utility bills
  • Unresolved fees for inspections, certifications, and open building permits
  • Special assessments for various property and neighborhood improvements like sewer hook-up, road paving, and sidewalk repairs
  • HOA dues
  • Child support payments
  • Contractor liens (mechanics lien)

Satel Law is equipped to complete comprehensive title and lien searches for our clients, ensuring a clean transfer of property.

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