Buyer/Seller Representation

Satel Law can help you navigate a real estate transaction whether you are a buyer or a seller. With real estate transactions, there is more room for negotiation than most people realize. You need an experienced and knowledgeable advocate on your side to help you obtain the best possible outcome. 

For Buyers, we can review your contract and assist you with the process of Due Diligence in the performance of that contract by all parties, doing our best to ensure that you have a seamless closing with no unpleasant surprises. Some of the items we address:

  • Impediments to ownership such as liens, missing title documents, surveys, etc. 
  • Affordability of the property (hidden costs, mortgage paperwork, etc.)
  • Accurate assessment of the property’s condition based on inspection reports, etc.

For Sellers, we help you negotiate with the right buyer to maximize your return on investment. Real estate requires a significant capital investment and maximizing that investment requires real estate expertise and experience. Some of the needs of sellers include:

  • Accurate appraisals
  • Disclosures (defective items, termites, asbestos, lead paint, contested property lines, etc.)
  • Ongoing operation and maintenance requirements

At Satel Law, we work with our clients to thoroughly understand their specific situation and advise them on what is best for their transaction.

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