Real Estate Development

Satel Law advises clients in managing the conflicting needs of developers, lenders, tenants, public authorities, and other stakeholders. Taking a real estate development concept from blueprint to reality can be complicated, involving several stakeholders and various private and public interests.

We work with our clients to gain a solid understanding of your goals and objectives. Then we combine that understanding with our knowledge and familiarity in the following:

  • Land use restrictions
  • Building codes
  • Local zoning ordinances
  • EPA regulations
  • Water use rights
  • Related rules and regulations

Our clients turn to us for a variety of assistance, including:

  • Strategic planning for integrated project permitting
  • Site acquisition and permitting due diligence
  • Advice on financing, renovation, and leasing
  • Local, state, federal, environmental, wetlands, and historic permitting and compliance
  • Obtaining zoning, rezoning, site plan, special land use, and sign approvals
  • Negotiating access, utility, conservation, and reciprocal easements
  • Preparing site development, farmland development, and operating agreements
  • Providing guidance on green building, wind rights, oil and gas, and mineral rights

Our goal as your real estate development partner is to make the process as smooth and simple as possible, while avoiding costly delays at every step of the process. We stand by our clients to help them take advantage of opportunities and overcome any obstacles they encounter in their development projects.

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