Living Wills, Healthcare Directives & Powers of Attorney

Satel Law guides you through the process of crafting the legal documents you need to ensure that you receive the kind of healthcare you want if you are ever incapacitated.

Living wills are the primary document you need to ensure your medical wishes are honored. This document records how you desire to be cared for in an emergency. A comprehensive living will addresses resuscitation, desired quality of life, and end of life treatments including treatments you don’t want to receive. 

Healthcare directives or advance directives are written statements about how you want your medical decisions to be made, should you not be able to make them yourself. Often healthcare directives establish your proxy for making medical decisions, designating a person to make medical decisions on your behalf in the event of your incapacity, in accordance with your wishes.

  • Providing medical decisions that are not covered in your healthcare directives
  • Enforcing your healthcare wishes in court, if necessary
  • Hiring and firing doctors and medical workers seeing to your treatment
  • Having access to medical records
  • Having visitation rights

You may also need a power of attorney to legally name someone you trust to make property, financial, and other legal decisions on your behalf. The person to whom you grant power of attorney will have legal rights that include: 

  • Pay bills from your bank account

Satel Law is ready to consult with you to help you determine the best way to ensure your wishes are honored in respect to medical care and financial decisions when you are unable to participate in those decisions directly.

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