Will Preparation, Review & Updates

Satel Law specializes in helping our clients prepare for the distribution of their estates and avoid unnecessary complications in the complex probate system whenever possible. We will help you make your wishes clear to your family and loved ones.

A Last Will & Testament allows you to choose the person who will administer your estate as Executor and who you recommend to become the Guardian for your minor children, as well as specify how your assets are to be handled in the event of your death. You can trust Satel Law to understand all of the case law and legislation that have evolved into Florida’s probate code. A well-crafted and comprehensive Will leaves detailed instructions that are critical to minimize court involvement and to reduce administrative confusion. 

Over time, you will experience changes in both your desires and your assets. If you already have a Will, it is good practice to periodically review it to ensure that it accurately details your desires. Depending on your circumstance, your Will may need to be updated with a codicil to include additional instructions, or it may need to be updated completely.

Satel Law is prepared to assist with drafting your Will and keeping your Will up-to-date as your circumstances may change.  

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